Dr Sally Johnson

Dr Sally Johnson is a Chartered Psychologist. She recently retired as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and a Health Psychologist at the University of Bradford. Sally developed a personal and professional interest in mindfulness several years ago, and attended an eight week Mindfulness course in March/April 2012. Since then she has developed her own practice and regularly attends mindfulness retreats and CPD events.

In July 2016, Sally took part in the Residential Teacher Training Retreat Level 1 organised through the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, University of Bangor. Subsequently she has undertaken further training, with her associate, Dr Kamila Hortynska, to deliver the eight week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy programme for stress.

Sally has taught mindfulness courses to staff in the NHS and to the general public.

Practice Downloads

Click on the links below for her MBCT stress practices (MP3 audio files) :

Track 1: Body scan meditation (41 mins)
Track 2: Body scan meditation (31 mins)
Track 3: Sitting meditation (31 mins)
Track 4: Sitting meditation (23 mins)
Track 5: Beginning of mindful stretching (18 mins)
Track 6: Mountain meditation (10 mins)
Track 7: 30 mins silence with bells every 5 mins
Track 8: Sitting with ‘difficulty’ (24 mins)

Dr Sally Johnson

Chartered Psychologist