Beating Stress & Building Resilience

through mindfulness and values-based living

Dates:  To be confirmed
Leeds City Centre.

Who is this course for?
This course is for anyone who wants to learn quick and simple techniques to manage their stress and unhelpful thoughts and emotions. It is also for those interested in learning how to live a satisfying and fulfilling life according to own values in the areas of work, play, relationships, and health.

About the course
This mindful resilience and effectiveness course was developed by Dr Paul Flaxman from City University London. Research shows it increases psychological flexibility, personal well being, and work performance. This course is not a therapy, it is a training course aiming to help you develop skills in mindfully directing attention to the present moment and accepting where you are at that point. It will also help you consider how you can use your values as a guide to actions, not only when you face difficulties, but in everyday life, because when we are acting in a way that is consistent with our values we are less stressed, more productive and have much greater satisfaction with life.

What does it involve?
This short Mindfulness for Stress programme consists of 4 weekly 2 hour sessions in a group of maximum 20 people. The course is very interactive but also has didactic elements. At each session, you will receive a handout and links to online practices. You will also get a set of special cards to use during the course which you will keep afterward.

What will you learn?

• You will learn how to use mindfulness to pause and notice how you are feeling
• You will practice using self-awareness to guide you to the best next action
• You will be introduced to several short 8-10 minute mindfulness practices which you can use at home or during a break at work
• You will discover what your values are and what really matters to you in your life
• You will learn to use your personal values to guide your actions and decisions
• You will be taught several simple and brief techniques to deal with stress and unhelpful thoughts

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