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I offer a range of workshops in mindfulness practice both for those looking to put mindfulness into their daily lives and also workshops for professionals who would like to incorporate mindfulness into their practice.  There are also regular silent sit practice days run weekly, and longer silent practice days run regularly.
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Mindfulness Workshops

Practice Sessions (Silent Sit)

Professional Development

MBCT for Stress

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for stress 8-week course

Beating Stress

4-week course for anyone who wants to learn quick and simple techniques to manage their stress and unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

Silent Sunday Retreat

Several guided mindfulness practice flowing gently into one another, including mindful walking, stretching and mindful lunch.

Developing a Mindful Practitioner

2 days Mindfulness Training for Health Professionals. This course is for counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, and other health and mental health professionals who are interested in using mindfulness in their clinical work or simply in developing mindfulness practice in their lives.