Interview with Dr Kamila Hortynska

'Sharing the Vibe' Interview

In the Interview, our guest Kamila Hortynska, who is a clinical psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist, tells us about how she discovered mindfulness, and why everyone is doing it. As an avid reader, she also gives us lots of ideas for books to read!

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Articles by Dr Kamila Hortynska

Implementing Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as mindfulness skills courses offered as an adjunct to individual therapy:a feasibility and effectiveness study of mixed staff and patient groups in secondary care. Kamila Hortynska, Ciara Masterson, Lesley Connors, Lesley Geary, and Richard Winspear. (2016)

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Developing population based approaches to mental illness prevention in the Leeds West population: a review of mindfulness-based, and 'taking in the good' interventions.  Hortynska, K. & Hugh-Jones, S. (2015). Report commissioned by Leeds West CCG.

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MBCT as an adjunct to individual therapy within a secondary care NHS Psychology & Psychotherapy Service (PPS)- Study of therapist perceived compatibility with psychological therapy offered

Poster presentation at 'Mindfulness in Society' Conference, Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Chester, 2015.

There is growing evidence regarding the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions for diagnostically diverse participants (e.g. Khoury et al, 2013; Hofmann et al, 2010). However, to our knowledge, there is no research investigating MBCT’s compatibility with a range of psychotherapy treatment models. In our service, referring clinicians maintained contact with patients after they had participated in the group (either continuing individual therapy or providing follow-ups). We, therefore, had an opportunity to examine the perceived compatibility of the MBCT course with a range of therapeutic interventions by requesting feedback from referring clinicians.

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Being with what is

First published in ‘Private Practice’, Winter 2014.

Because mindfulness offers a way to develop a special relationship to suffering, it can be helpful regardless of a client’s presenting problem, argues Kamila Hortynska.

 Mindfulness is very much a buzzword at the moment. We hear about it from every corner of our personal and professional lives. Children can attend ‘.b’ [dot-be] courses at school; corporate employers offer mindfulness-based courses to their employees ...

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Clinicians’ Journey of Becoming Mindfulness Practitioners

Doctoral Thesis - Kamila Hortynska. The University of Leeds Academic Unit of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences School of Medicine - August 2011


 Introduction: Growing interest in the use of mindfulness-based interventions and increasing empirical evidence for its effectiveness suggest that more clinicians may become interested in mindfulness. Although there are studies on clients, as yet, there are no published studies exploring trajectories and experiences of clinicians developing as mindfulness practitioners.

Objectives: This study aimed to explore mental health professionals’ experiences of becoming mindfulness practitioners in order to enrich our understanding of what facilitates and hinders development in this area.

Design: Since this was a new area of investigation, an exploratory qualitative study was used to gain information. A method focused on generating rich accounts of participants’ experiences, seemed the most suitable methodology.

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