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Welcome to your September Mindful Updates 🙂

Are you enjoying the beginning of Autumn? I am :))))) I just came back from an amazing retreat in Greece and I feel full of love, trust and appreciation. It was a truly transformational process; I would highly recommend it to anyone! Not really mindfulness, but still very much about self-awareness. A bit like successfully squeezing 10 years of therapy and personal development into a 7-day process. Let me know if you want to hear more or just look here They are offering an introductory one day workshop in London on the 12th Oct and from the next year will be offering those 7 day long retreats in Yorkshire.


Ok, so this time it will be rather short because I am going away in an hour for the women’s gathering near Oxford.

1.     The New Year 8 week mindfulness course is already booking! So please spread the word among your friends and colleagues. 9th Jan – 27th Feb 2020Thursdays 7-9pm Will send a poster next time. 

2.     Psychedelics-Assisted Therapy I have two more interesting podcasts for you. The research evidence and participants’ feedback in this form of therapy are amazing. My own life has profoundly changed since June when I attended this special Psychedelic Retreat for Clinicians.

3.     The next Silent Sunday retreat is in 2 weeks 6th of Oct, 10am – 4pm and there are still places left, so tell your friends, bring your family members or partners and join me in love focused meditative day. Then the next will be 10th Nov and 8th Dec, both already booking, so please email me to reserve your spot.

4.     The mini MoMM to celebrate the World peace day is tomorrow 21st Sept at Leeds Yoga Studio in the city centre10.45am start with a yoga class, then main meditation, then some delicious vegan food and opportunity to meet other like-minded, heart-opened people. We will be celebrating the World Peace day, there will be a yoga class, meditation possibly a gong bath, few stalls, and some delicious food. For tickets please go to Expected donation £4-7. There are over 450 celebrations registered already around the world.

5.     Health and mindfulness related articles

As always please share your thoughts or reflections and of course do let me know if you no longer want to receive these updates.

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