Newsletter – May 2020

Hello dear friends! Welcome to your May Mindful Updates  😊

WOW! Yesterday was an amazing day, MoMM 2020 happened and was a great success! The energy was super strong and people are still joining the group. If you want to add to the energetic field of kindness, friendliness and love that has been created during the Loving Kindness meditation go to Leeds MoMM Online  watch it, follow the guidance, and share your experiences in the comments. 😊

From today I am offering a FREE 21-day Meditation Challenge in my private Facebook group Doctor K’s Wellbeing Space. You can join me any time if you want to receive short guided meditation daily for the next 3 weeks. Members of the group will also receive discounts for the next Silent Sunday Online Retreat on 31st May and the next 4-week Resilience course starting on the 3rd June. Any of these and more can be booked directly online by going to

As usual, I have a good dose of interesting articles, links, podcasts, and a few more offerings from my friends. See below for a list.


  • From Dr Helen, we have a FREE Guide on How to stay well and safe during pregnancy in Lockdown 
  • And from Noel Watkins, we have 2 FREE Beginners Biodanza classes tomorrow and next Tuesday 18th May at 7pm. Only 20 places available online so please text Noel on 07986095528 or email him at to secure a place and get the Zoom link. Biodanza is a dance-based system of human integration which can leave you feeling both energised, uplifted and relaxed. I have done several sessions with Noel and can highly recommend his classes. It is all about heart-centred connection through dance!

Well I am getting through a lot of books, audiobooks, podcasts, articles and interviews recently, so I have a few more recommendations for you:

Books, articles and practices that may be particularly helpful at present. Few classics first:

  • And something different in case you are interested in the spiritual perspective on the changes we and the world are going through. See Lee Harris energetic update for May 2020 here
  • Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness, by Jon Kabat-Zinn here
  • When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times, by Pema Chodron here
  • Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness, by Rick Hanson here
  • Some more free mindfulness resources here
  • 3 science-backed ways to calm down when feeling overwhelmed here

Things you may want to watch for inspiration or pure entertainment. You know that I am very interested in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Unfortunately, my talk on Psychedelics use in Mental Health at Café Psychologique was postponed due to social distancing orders, but you can start exploring this subject using these few links below:

  • An interview with Aubrey Markus about finding self-love during an incredible darkness retreat he took in total darkness. I am planning to do it myself in the future. In case you are interested in drugs-free and fully legal psychedelic experience watch this 15min version here and 2h version here. Just watch out for his rather “flowery” language 😉
  • Interview with Dr James Rucker on The Use of Psychedelics in Psychiatry, which is part of Mauldsey Learning series here
  • Fantastic Fungi is an amazing movie! The pictures look simply unreal, even though it is simply mother nature at her best. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is an absolute must-see. £4.50 to rent, but well worth it! Here is a link to a trailer and a website where you can stream it from
  • And here another movie, also about a journey of reconnecting with the self from a workaholic entrepreneur Brian Rose who took part in a few Plant Medicine Ceremonies here

Things to do to stay fit:

  • Movement is so crucial to physical health, especially when we are restricted, so here are two articles about the benefits of exercise in case you need more convincing. One on how resistance training is good for your brain here and the other with ideas on how to do strength training at home here
  • A link to an article about 6 games you can play with your kids with just once piece of chalk here
  • And a link to dynamic meditation, which I was doing for 1h every morning on a week-long retreat last year in Greece and lost 3kg by the end of it. Pretty intense, some may say crazy hah hah, but fun too! Here is the music and here are the instructions 

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