Newsletter – MoMM 2020

Hello dear friends! Welcome to your MoMM special edition of Mindful Updates

Do you remember MoMM in Kirkstall Abbey grounds? What an amazing day it was, full of fun and free wellbeing activities. Well, will be leading the main meditation this Sunday between 12-1pm again! and joining in with the rest of the world in sending love and peace to Mother Earth and all beings. am super excited because this year we are online so we can reach so many more people  The meditation will be happening on zoom and will be live-streamed on Facebook in case you don’t manage to get in on zoom cos there are only 100 places on the live call, you will get the link once you register. You can get your free ticket here along with a program of activities. Why not make Sunday your Day 1 of ’21 Days Meditation Challenge’ in my private Facebook group Doctor K’s Wellbeing Space? You can also like my public page Doctor K’s Mind, Body and Spirit.

Please spread the news wide and far, forward this email on, call your friends and family to invite them in, or share on Facebook, apparently if you write a comment under my video here then it helps the visibility even more.

Everyone is welcome from any corner of the world! The beauty of this initiative is that we want to bring open-hearted people together and build a community. I am part of the Leeds MoMM Power Team and we all recorded a short video introducing ourselves and our contribution for the day. Click on the video below to find out more.

Leeds MoMM Power Team are offering exciting rewards for those who share our Facebook competition with friends. I am giving away a free place on my next 4-week Building Resilience with Mindfulness course! See below for the list of prizes and for the list of my upcoming online offerings.

Here is a list of the amazing prizes to win in our competition if you share info about MOMM. More info on Facebook! 

  • From Gloria Kimberley – Health and Wellness Coach – a free Psych-K session to help a person change any limiting believes and/or to release trauma. Find out more about Gloria here.
  • From Sam Fong – Yoga Teacher and a secret acrobat  – a free personal mobility session. Find out more about Sam here.
  • From Becki Sams – Holistic Health Coach for Women and Yoga Teacher – 1:1 yoga session. Find out more about Becki here.
  • From Luke Stableford – CBT Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher – a free place on his upcoming CBT for weight loss course. Find out more about Luke here.
  • From Gerry Andrews – Massage Therapist and Mind-body Coach – either free pain/ injury consultation (including advice on self-massage, stretches and exercises) or a stress/anxiety focused consultation (including mind-body, relaxation and breathing techniques) Find out more about Gerry here
  • And from me Kamila Hortynska – Clinical Psychologist, CBT Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher – a free place on the next 4-week Building Resilience course starting in June! – More info here.


Everything is now happening online and it looks like it may be so for a good few months even after loosening up the social distancing orders. So below is a list of upcoming courses and retreats. Book with Doctor K here.

  • Silent Sunday Online Retreat, 31st of May, Sunday 10-4pm (early bird until 17th May)
  • 4-week Building Resilience Course 3rd June- 24th June, Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm (early bird until 20th May)
  • 8-week mindfulness course 9th Sept -28th Oct, Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm (early bird until 31st July)

Please share this email with someone you love, and if someone has forwarded this email to you and you want to receive more please sign up here.

With love and appreciation,


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