Newsletter – March 2020

Hello dear friends!
Welcome to your special edition of Mindful Updates!
I know that Corona Virus is on everyone’s mind at the moment so I am really keen to reach out
to you all and offer as much support as I can. More on that below. You have probably noticed
that this message is looking different. After 5 years of sending all your Mindful Updates
manually, I have moved to a platform that operates from an automated contact list. I am still
writing and choosing the content, but it is saving me a lot of time copying and pasting! Hahaha
If you would like to continue receiving my mindful updates you don’t need to do anything 🙂
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If you haven’t gathered yet I am not going to Peru this Monday. It looks like the Universe
wants me to stay here and I am starting to see more and more clearly what is my role in the
middle of this madness. I am glad because I know that I can be of more help to you all if I’m
not in the jungle with no wi-fi or other means of communicating. I will be sending my
Mindful Updates more often in the next few months so you will get your regular content,
but today I wanted to share everything that I think may help you in the current Corona crisis
regarding your physical, emotional and spiritual health. This virus feeds on fear, so the best
antidote is love. Therefore, what I want to focus on is spreading love and helping you raise
your consciousness and vibration. It is more important than ever that you stay present,
grounded and compassionate. That you look after yourself and practice kindness and
gratitude. If you like this vibe and this takes on things please watch this 2min long video. As
always feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think may benefit. See below for a
list of my offerings and other helpful resources:
1. A few days ago I have created a free supportive Whatsapp Group for my friends and
family where each morning I post a freshly recorded short meditation and a link to an
online yoga class that I complete that day. The response was amazing and people are
finding it very helpful, so now I am creating another group for everyone who currently is,
or has ever been, working with me, taken the course, participated in a workshop,
attended a retreat, etc. If you would like to join this group straight away do let me. I will
try to also post the “joining link” on my next Mindful Updates.
2. If you are an NHS worker and in need emotional support, you want to talk with
someone who can help you ground and centre in the middle of the chaos, I am offering
two 30min online appointments for free and then if you will need or want to have
further sessions I will be very happy to offer my consultation at a significantly reduced
3. The 4-week Building Resilience course which was scheduled to start on the 30 th of April
until 21 st of May is moving online. Last night I finished the current course on Zoom and it
worked well online. The next course I will be offering also at a significantly reduced rate.
Normal price was £140 per person, but now it will be only £50 for four 2h long sessions
on Thursdays 7.30-9.30pm. For more information click here. Many of you have taken

this course with me in the past or know someone who has so please spread the word and
help others benefit from mindfulness.
4. 15 Links to articles, podcasts, movies and other information that may be helpful in the
context of Corona virus, the need for boosting your immune system, fighting boredom
and not giving in to negativity and ever-present fear.
a. How mindfulness can help you navigate the panic
b. Anxiety can be contagious and how not to get affected
c. How body scan practice reduces biological stress
d. The science of chronic inflammation and mindfulness
e. Jack Kornfield on how to cultivate calm in chaos

Jack Kornfield — How to Find Peace Amidst COVID-19, How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos (#414)

f. Two articles with reliable evidence based sources on the Virus itself
g. And on the things we can do to boost our immunity
h. I doubt that any of you are considering taking part in Ayauasca ceremony in
the near future but if case you do here are some tips on how to stay safe.

What Are the Coronavirus Risks with Ayahuasca Ceremonies?

i. If you and your family are self-isolating you may want to read something on
what to shop for
j. Some free resources from Hey House Publishers
k. Interested in spiritual perspective on Corona? Then listen to a video about
what it all means from the energy point of view

l. And when this transformation may settle from the astrology point of view

m. Good tips for parents and teachers in the era of Covid-19
n. And how to explain to your kids what is happening in the world
o. And if you have more time over the next 5 days you may want to listen to the
16 talks from world mindfulness leaders available for free from here

Mindful Living Summit

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With love and gratitude,

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