Newsletter – June 2020

Hello dear friends! Welcome to your June Mindful Updates 😊

Aren’t we blessed with the weather? I am loving it! Every day I’m working from my new office at “Playa del Garden” 😉 I hope you’re enjoying it too. I have 2 new offerings for you:

  • Advanced Mindfulness Course for those who have done a course with me before. My intention is to support you in your further development on the mindfulness path, by providing a space for you to share your experiences, ask questions and meet other people committed to staying present and living their life from their heart and from really matters to them. It consists of 7 fortnightly zoom meetings over the Summer, starting on Thursday for the participants of my most recent course, but you can join later too if you already have plans for this Thursday. A full description is available on my website. Places are very limited so please contact me straight away if you are interested or use the link below to book directly
  • The most recent research confirms that online mindfulness courses help our mental health  My next 8-week mindfulness course will be in September on zoom, just in case we will be heading for lockdown again. All the details are on my website Please forward this email to your friends or colleagues, or anyone who you think may benefit from some mindfulness in these strange times.

I need a small favour from you 😊

If you have worked with me in the past, attended a retreat, course or a workshop I’d be very grateful if you could leave a review for me on my Facebook pageDoctor K’s Mind Body and Spirit. You just need to click on the “review” button which on your computer in on the left-hand side panel 4th down from Home and on your phone app is in the middle of the page in a horizontal line after home, post, events, reviews. And while you there maybe you could like it too? Thanks a million!

The meditation challenge finished on Sunday and all 21 recordings of mindfulness practices will always be available to any new members of Doctor K’s Wellbeing Space. So if you want to access 3 weeks’ worth of new guided practices click here to join.

News from my friends:

  • My dear friend Coco Oya Cienna Rey who is a writer and artist has contributed a chapter to a new book coming out this week on the 5th of June “Sovereign unto herself ”. I already had a chance to read half of this essay collection and it’s super inspirational! I’d highly recommend it especially for women interested in discovering their feminine beauty and light and connecting with their sacred power within.😊 To connect with Coco and her work and get info about how to get the book please visit or connect with her on Facebook here
  • My other friend and chiropractor Jeff BenMayor has just created a Facebook page The Spine Guy online here where he offers free videos and other useful advice on how you can look after your back. I have been seeing Jeff for several years now and recommend him to all my friends and clients in need of back support.
  • My friends from Northern Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion in York are actively promoting a beautiful movie called My Year of Living Mindfully”. You will love it 😊 It can be viewed for free until the end of tomorrow here
  • And finally a fantastic article about self-confidence, authenticity, freedom and self-acceptance from my dear friend Becki Sams here. Well worth a read!


Okay and here for the regular dose of interesting links:

First few articles, practices and events specifically about mindfulness

  • This week Thursday till Saturday (June 4-6th) there is an online mindfulness and compassion global summit. To register for Free here 
  • 3 ways to tap into the wisdom of the body here
  • From mindfulness initiative website, links to everything mindfulness relater that has been published popular press in April here and in March here
  • This link is quite old but, the connection practice may be particularly helpful at present, it is about seeing that others are just like us here
  • 6 things COVID can teach us about ourselves here
  • The power of forgiveness in lockdown here
  • And about opportunities for insight and growth that we have during social isolation here

And now a few other links from authors that I follow and respect

  • Very simple and non-demanding way to improve your health by doing 4min of exercise 3 times a day from Dr Zach Bush here 
  • Here is an amazing essay from Charles Eisenstein, which offers an inspiring, heart-centered perspective on what is happening now because of Corona. Here is a link to an audio version which you can listen to while pottering ’round the house here
  • And here is the latest June energy update from Lee Harris here

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With love and gratitude,


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