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Hello everyone,

Welcome to your June Mindful Updates 🙂

I may be away during the Summer so I am not sure when your next update will be, therefore I made this one a bit longer to keep you busy! But also because I want to share with you loads of amazing workshops, links and other offerings by my colleagues and friends in health and wellness fields. Enjoy the Summer and let me know your thoughts!

1.   MoMM in numbers: It was great 🙂 despite the weather we had 1500 people throughout the day and at least 350 people for the main meditation. Here is a little reminder of the day Please feel free to share. In the end, there were over 200 MoMM gatherings around the world. So it was a truly amazing achievement. Big thank you to you all, hope you enjoyed the day! 🙂

2.   Email me soon if you are interested in a 6-day Mindfulness Retreat in Spain, 8-13th August. Minimum 4h of activities a day (mindfulness, yoga, Feng Shui), 3 meals a day, accommodation at a private villa with the pool, in a quiet location, 15min walk from the beach. I extended the early bird rate until the 10th of June. Poster attached.

3.   The next Silent Sunday Retreat is on the 7th July and places are booking fast. Like usual it will be 10am – 4pm and no experience is necessary but for those of you who have regular mindfulness practice it can be a really nice way to immerse yourself in just being. Please email me if you would like more info or to book a place.

4.   Free 4 week mindfulness course for the LTHT employees. 15 places taken, but 5 left so if you know anyone who may be interested please let them know and ask them to book through the learning calendar or email 

5.   Next two 8 week Mindfulness courses starting in September One on Thursdays 7-9pm, Sept 19th till Nov 7th, and second on Saturdays 10-12am, Sept 21st till Nov 9th Both in Weetwood, see poster for more info and please share with anyone who you think may be interested.

6.    Other courses, drop-ins, workshops, and retreats in the area

•   Do you fancy a gentle mindful walk around Otley Chevin? Please join two mindfulness teachers Sally and Cathy on the 24th of June a 6pm. To book or for more info please visit   

•   My friend Tracy Land who is a very experienced nutritionist in York is offering two practical workshops on how to optimise your gut health, 5th June and 3rd July. For any of you who have worked with me over the years, you will know the importance of improving gut health for your physical and mental wellbeing. To be healthy and happy, our gut health needs to be good and this can be a real challenge. So knowing what helps and hinders gut health is key. For more information please contact Tracy directly and to book go to  

•   Some of you had a chance to try TRE at the MoMM event and maybe interested in regular TRE classes in Harrogate, on Tuesdays at 11am and Wednesdays at 6.30pm. For those who never tried it yet, let me encourage you, I have tried it myself and it’s really amazing feeling 🙂 It can bring you calm and relaxation, less tension, better sleep, pain relief and even help release some trauma from the body. TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Release Exercises and involves a series of 7 gentle exercises that tire or stretch muscles such that our natural stress release mechanism of tremoring can come back online. Call Rachael on 07905 716516 if you’d like to book in, or if you have any questions or email her at  or visit 
•   This one is meant for experiences meditators. Saturday Loving-Kindness Meditation Day at Alumgarth Farm will be on 15th June, 9.30am-2.30pm. For more info or to book please email Farhad on 

7.   For GPs and Health Care Professionals out there

My friend Dr Helen Lawal, who you may know from different TV health series on BBC2 or Channel 4 is offering Preventing Burnout, Improving Health and Wellbeing Workshop, 24th June 2-5pm Manchester. Still few places left, to book go to

8.    Inspiring interviews, documentaries, talks, conferences and online summits:

•   A really inspiring talk on how to start your day in a really positive way and why it is so important! only 10min long but eyes opening. Enjoy!
•   Enlightenment Documentary – a beautiful story about how we create our own reality with our thoughts. 1hour long but well worth it.
•   An interesting conversation between Richard Gere, Richie Davidson, and Daniel Goleman. Don’t be put off by the length, it’s very engaging.
•   I recently came across another beautiful lecture by a mindfulness teacher called Oren Jay Sofer: 5 foundations of contemplative practice- safety, groundedness, community, kindness, and interest.
•   The Fatigue Super Conference, 10-17th June, will be a free online event. The program looks really good, out of 40 experts speaking I know and respect almost 20. If interested, please register here
9.    Lifestyle Medicine conference 21-22nd June in Cardiff.

I really wanted to be there, even bought a ticket, but unfortunately, my plans have changed so if you know anyone interested in going who would like to buy it from me it would be very helpful. It was £119 for 2 days plus £50 for a gala dinner on Friday.

10.  And finally here is a handful of interesting articles for you. This time there is a specific focus on thyroid health and a mixture of mindfulness articles and practices:

As always please share your thoughts or reflections and of course do let me know if you no longer want to receive these updates.

With love and gratitude,


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