Newsletter August 2019

Welcome to your August Mindful Updates 🙂

I hope you are enjoying the warm days and spending them in mindful ways 🙂 I have a handful of updates for you, no articles this time, only interviews and a TED talk. The most interesting news maybe on Psychedelics-assisted therapy as my new professional interest, but let’s start with the usual.

1.   The next 8-week Mindfulness course, Sept 19th till Nov 14th, Thursdays 7-9pm is currently booking, places still available. More info in the attached leaflet. Please share with anyone who you think may be interested. 

2.    Psychedelics-Assisted Therapy

  • In June I attended a very special Psychedelic-Assisted Retreat for Clinicians who want to help people with post-journey integrations and when it will get legalised in the UK to offer such therapy. This retreat experience opened a brand new avenue in my professional interests. It is amazing how much research there is on the use of psychedelics in mental health. I will know more after coming back from a research conference which is happening this weekend in London.
  • I know its late notice, but in case any of you are free and interested the conference is called Breaking Convention and although there are already almost 1000 attendees booked, tickets are still available. I’m going and can’t wait already! Here is a link to the website 
  • And here is a fascinating and inspiring interview on psychedelics as a new answer to mental health problems and fear of death for those of you interested in this topic.
  • and here is the link to the first official TED talk on Psychedelics

3.   The next Silent Sunday retreat will be on the 6th of October, 10am – 4pm I feel drawn to make this next one around the theme of LOVE 🙂 For other dates for the Autumn please see the leaflet attached. Please share it with your friends and colleagues and email me if you want to book a place.

4.   The mini MoMM on the 21st September will be at Leeds Yoga Studio in the city centre. We will be celebrating the World Peace day, there will be a yoga class, meditation possibly a gong bath, few stalls, and some delicious food. If you enjoyed the big MoMM in May at Kirkstall do come and join the Leeds MoMM community. More info on Facebook.

5.   A friend and colleague Dr Lauri Bower is offering Mindfulness, Drawing and Writing Course in York beginning on Tuesday 24th September for 8 weeks. More info about her offerings in the leaflet attached. To book go to

6.    Health and wellness related conferences and workshops:

  • On 23-25th August in London another great event. The Consciousness and Human Evolution Conference. I attended it 2 years ago and absolutely loved it. This year presenters include Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynn McTaggart, Gregg Braden and many more. For tickets and more info please go to
  • S.H.E -a weekend gathering for women 20-22nd September in East Hanney, near Oxford. More info and tickets here Kalindi Jordan who is organising this weekend is an amazing practitioner and person. It is an opportunity to be with other women and feel the power of sisterhood and tune in to your feminine energy. I already have my tickets booked and really looking forward to it 🙂
  • The Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference, October 19–20th in Dublin, Ireland. For full program info and tickets go to
As always please share your thoughts or reflections and of course do let me know if you no longer want to receive these updates.With love and gratitude,

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