Newsletter – April 2020

Hello lovely people! Welcome to your April Mindful Updates

There is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty around so it is more important than ever to be conscious of what you fuel with your attention and what activities you engage within your life. There are two distinct modes of being available to us and I am on a mission to help you leave the fear and stay in love with the world and everything that is. I want to inspire you to practice kindness, groundedness and self-care, so I prepared a long list of links and other helpful resources.

I would also like to announce that a friend of mine has created a brand new Facebook page for me where I will be posting daily meditations and links to interesting articles or podcasts and events. The last time I was on Facebook was more than 10 years ago so you probably know what to do better than me. Please like and share anything you find interesting to help spread the word. The link is here.

But before, I want to share with you a short extract from an amazing book by Ram Dass I am currently reading, “Becoming Nobody” (only 5h long on Audible):

See below for a list of my offerings and other helpful resources from my friends and colleagues and other online sources:

1. A new online Building Resilience course – will be on Thu evenings 30th April – 21st May, 7.30-9.30pm. Normal price was £140, now only £50 per person if booked before the 15th of April. For more information click here, if you want to book just send me an email. Many of you have taken this course with me in the past or know someone who has so please spread the word and help others benefit from mindfulness.

2. A free supportive Whatsapp Group. Each morning I post a freshly recorded short meditation and I share other helpful or inspirational resources. This group is for anyone who has ever been working with me, taken the course, participated in a workshop, attended a retreat, but also for your friends and colleagues. If you would like to join this group text me on 0789 6969 242 or use this joining link

3. For any NHS staff in need of emotional support in this time of uncertainty, I am offering two 30min online appointments free of charge. If they will want to have further sessions with me I will be offering them a 50% discount.

Mindfulness resources:

1. Lots of free resources to find calm and nourish resilience during the COVID outbreak here.

2. Mindfulness resources specifically for health and care staff here.

3. An interview with mindfulness neuroscientist Dr Judson Brewer on how to manage anxiety in times of global pandemic here.

4. A week of free online meditations with Jon Kabat Zinn which started on Monday 30th March here.

5. A link to an online Dharma Hall from Gaia House here.

6. For parents out there: How to help your children embrace big emotions here.

7. Something for leaders and managers out there here.

Yoga, movement and other self-care resources:

1. A good friend Becki Sams is offering several different online sessions, from chakra healing and spiritual rituals for self-care to women’s circle here.

2. Here is a voucher for a free online yoga session from another friend of mine Maria Dakova here.

3. A set of kundalini yoga exercises designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and help you detoxify here.

4. And lastly, Yoga Kula in Chapel Allerton is offering free 1-month unlimited pass for any A&E and ICU staff here.

5. Movement is the best way to bring joy and happiness in the body 🙂 so here is a compilation to burn through all the bad emotions created by my DJ friend Akshi Coehlo. Simply close your eyes and dance here.

Physical health resources:

1. How to balance stress and overcome anxiety from a Functional Medicine perspective here.

2. Wanting to boost your health with good supplements. Here is a link to my friend’s website offering several special deals at the moment here.

3. A quite technical article for clinicians on the prevention and support for COVID healing from TCM perspective here.

4. And another one for those interested in Functional medicine approach to Corona Virus here. Other inspiring resources including books and documentaries:

Since we all have a bit more free time in this lockdown I would like to make more recommendations for books, movies, podcasts and articles. The first one on this list I’m reading this week and finding it really helpful in seeing what is happening from a different perspective.

1. ‘Becoming Nobody’ by Ram Dass. 5h on audiobooks here.

2. ‘Universe always has a plan’ by Matt Kahn. Only 3h on audiobooks here.

3. 5 side effects of kindness by David Hamilton. Again only 3h on audiobooks here.

4. 8 reasons to be grateful for Corona Virus – a spiritual perspective on the current crisis here.

5. Fantastic Fungi about amazing properties of mushrooms and how they help trees and plants communicate by creating a world internet beyond the groud. £4.5 to rent but well worth it! Link here.

6. 100 best documentaries to inspire you for action here.

7. A short TED talk from a physicist on how connected out universe really is here.

8. A podcast on the importance of self-love and self-forgiveness when you feel your world is crumbling here.

9. In case you are not sure what to do with your free time, I’m inviting you to listen to 30 new interviews in 30 days from “You Can Heal Your Life” podcast starting today: Gregg Braden, Dawson Church, Gabriele Bernstein among many others here.

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With love and gratitude,


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