Mindfulness Retreat with the Soul

Sunday  21st June 2020
7.00pm to 9.30pm   ONLINE

Cost:  £25 Regular price

Interested in creating a map of your soul’s desires?
Come to spend an evening practising mindfulness and making a collage of your heart’s longing.

What to expect
We will start with mindfulness practices to help you centre and tune in to your inner world. I will then guide you in a meditation to connect with your intuition and heart’s messages and invite you to write down what you will have received. I will then give you instructions on how to put together a collage of your soul’s desires. Most of the time we will be in meditative silence with relaxing music in the background. There will be an opportunity at the end to participate in a brief sharing circle to discuss the meanings and messages hidden in your collage with other workshop participants. We will finish with another mindfulness practice to contemplate the wisdom of our souls.

Who is this workshop for?
Everyone! No mindfulness experience is necessary. All meditations will be guided.

What will you need?
A few old magazines or papers, scissors, glue, and 4-6 pieces of printing
paper cello-taped together. You can work at your kitchen table, on the
floor or even on your bed.

About the facilitator
Dr Kamila Hortynska is a Clinical Psychologist and Accredited CBT Therapist with almost 20 years experience, specialising in Mindfulness-Based Interventions. She has been practising mindfulness personally and professionally for 16 years. If you have any questions please contact her on 0044 789 6969 242 or kamilahort@hotmail.com  or contact me here

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