Mindfulness courses

I have been teaching mindfulness courses for the General Public, GPs, doctors and other health care professionals as well as NHS patients when I was working in the Psychology Departments of local hospitals and community services. I have taught my colleagues and other staff members from consultants and nurses to administrative staff and caretakers. I have worked with high-flying professionals to housewives and husbands and business entrepreneurs. All of these require different language and focus.  Over 13 years of introducing people to mindfulness I have adapted and perfected standard mindfulness courses to best fit the needs of my attendees. I have been helping people learn mindfulness in a variety of contexts and life situations, sometimes as a way to improve their mental or physical health and at other times to simply enhance the quality of their lives or to fulfil the need for personal development.  If you are interested in starting or continuing your mindfulness journey please chose from the list of my offerings below: