Living Mindfully and Authentically from the Heart

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Ongoing group sessions for mindfulness practitioners

At the end of every mindfulness course, I’ve been asked: “What next?” ”Is there a part 2 training?" There was no such thing up until now, but then I thought “Why don’t I offer ongoing sessions for those who want to continue developing their mindfulness skills?” so here it is!

Who is this for?

It is available to anyone who has completed a mindfulness course previously (of minimum 4-8 weeks duration) and would like to continue to practice living mindfully and authentically from the Heart. These meetings will be focused on exploring our experiences of using mindfulness and personal values in our daily lives. They will provide a safe space for sharing and connecting with others on the personal development path.


Autumn 2020 - 7 fortnightly meetings starting on the 10th of September until 3rd December - Sessions will be on Wednesday evenings, 8 - 9.30 pm (UK time) through zoom, so you can tune in even if you will be away travelling or on holiday.

What will be covered?

Each session content will be dictated by the interests and needs of the group participants. The suggested topics for exploration include:•  Contemplating what living mindfully really means in our lives and how can we connect more with our Inner Self - that older, wiser part of us that knows.

  • •  Practising self-love and accepting both, the light and the shadow parts of ourselves.
  • •  Exploring different personal values in more depth and sharing how we manage to express these in our daily actions and interactions.
  • •  Looking at helpful ways to communicate mindfully and compassionately with our close ones, including those who we may have a difficult relationship with.
  • •  Tuning in to your Heart’s desires and consciously making choices based on them.
  • •  Trusting more in our intuition and listening to it when it points out that we are doing something against ourselves or engaging in non-nourishing behaviours.
  • •  Connecting with the Body and starting to confidently use it as a guide.

What will it involve?

Being part of a small group (10-14 people) can really help us stay focused on daily practices and on doing what matters to us. Hearing what others experience and how they apply the tools can inspire us to commit further and provides a sense of connectedness.

Each group participant will be invited to share as much of themselves as feels appropriate at a time. Each session will comprise of a joint meditation followed by sharing whatever is alive within us and wants to be voiced. Poetry and music will be part of these meetings. There will be no formal homework, but participants will be encouraged to continue with their meditations and to engage in some reflective practice, which may take different forms for different people, e.g. reading, watching, listening, journaling and other exercises to foster the connection to our Inner Self.

What else is included?

Membership in private Whatsapp group and access to freshly recorded new meditations and other follow-up resources.

Cost: £175 (£140  if booked before 31st July 2020)

 About the facilitator

Dr Kamila Hortynska is a Clinical Psychologist and Accredited CBT Therapist with almost 20 years experience, specialising in Mindfulness-Based Interventions. She has been practising mindfulness personally and professionally for 16 years. If you have any questions please contact her on 0044 789 6969 242 or or contact me here

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