Individual Appointments 

Currently, and for an unforeseeable future, I offer all my appointments online through a free video-conferencing app called Zoom, occasionally on Skype or Whatsapp video, so that we can still see each other when we talk. I normally need 48 hours notice to cancel or rearrange an appointment already made (unless it is an emergency), otherwise, it needs to be paid in full because that slot cannot then be offered to another person at such short notice.


If you are thinking of booking an appointment but have any doubts please send me an email with a brief note on the kind of problem you are looking for help with, just so I can see whether I am the best match for you. If you are here, I believe that something in you is already looking for support and guidance and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, but if I think my areas of expertise or way of working is not the best match for you I will always try to recommend a colleague who might be.


Standard Consultation 

I believe that our lifestyle can affect our mental health to a major degree, therefore in my standard consultations, I use a combination of Clinical Psychology, CBT, Mindfulness and Functional Medicine, which means that I look into things very holistically and sometimes make recommendations regarding sleep, exercise and nutrition. So I am not a typical CBT Therapist or Clinical Psychologist – the range of support I offer is much broader. The therapy I use is active and solution-focused. It includes between-sessions homework, and it tends to be shorter term, usually 4-6 months. I believe that my role as a therapist is to help you understand what is happening and to equip you with practical strategies to overcome or manage your difficulties. I tend to see people on a 2-weekly basis, however, some people need more frequent appointments to start with. I use intake questionnaires to assess the baseline problems and the contributing factors, and then every 5-6 sessions I suggest a review of the progress so that we can decide whether we are on the right track to where you want to get to. Towards the end of the therapy, the appointments get much less frequent i.e. every 1-2 months, so that you can build confidence in dealing with your ups and downs independently. To book a session please click the green button below.


Free consultation for NHS Employees

I used to work in the NHS for almost 11 years and I can still remember the pressures under which you probably still operate. In this unprecedented time of Corona Pandemic and Social Distancing, I imagine you are more likely to struggle with stress and burnout and your old issues and problems may resurface and need some care and attention. I, therefore, want to offer you two 30min appointments free of charge as my way of saying thank you, and contributing to the wellbeing of the nation. If I support you then you will support many more through your work. This session is available to any NHS worker regardless of your position or income. If you then decide to continue working with me you will be able to use a further special discount. To book a session please click the green button below.


Supervision for Clinicians & Mindfulness Teachers

I have been offering Clinical Supervision for 14 years and Specialist Mindfulness Supervision for almost 10. I have supervised CBT Therapists, other Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors, Mental Health Workers, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Occupational Therapist and of course Mindfulness Teachers. I believe that supervision is most of all about supporting you in your growth as a practitioner, regardless of what is your area of expertise and specific populations you work with. As long as you work in a caring role with other people as a therapist or group facilitator, you always use your emotions and your own being and humanness to communicate with others and support them in their journey to health and wellness. I use a lot of mindfulness and self-awareness practices to support you in your own development so that you can support others from a grounded and equanimous place alongside any theoretical framework which you were trained to deliver. To book a session please click the green button below.


Holistic Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring 

I am convinced that spirituality is an integral part of our mental health and that it needs our attention before we can fully express our life’s potential. But I also believe that each of us is on our own journey, so I don’t think my way will necessarily be your way. I see my role in helping you to stop, look within, reflect and to connect with the innate wisdom of your own Heart, Soul, Higher Sprit, Unconscious, Older and Wiser Part of You or Intuition – you choose the vocabulary that suits you. For me, it is more or less the same thing. Its guidance plays a crucial part in my life and this is what I can help you connect with. Over the years I have learned and studied different types of meditation, yoga, breath-work and mind-body practices. I have come to taste and appreciate several holistic medicine systems (Ayurvedic, Chinese and Shamanic Plant Medicines) and they all emphasise the importance of honouring and nurturing Prana, Ether, Chi or Spirit to our wellbeing. I am not a religious person at all, but Spirituality is a very important part of my life and I believe that my life’s purpose is to inspire you and others to embrace your true nature of a Spiritual Being having a Bodily Experience and not the other way round. With my therapeutic background, I can help you embrace yourself fully, with both Shadow and Light, to live more consciously and to look at the world and yourself with love. To book a session please click the green button below.
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