Feedback from workshop participants

“I really enjoyed these workshops and now I am using mindfulness, and being mindful to incorporate it in my daily life”- Counselling Psychologist

“I have been not sure of mindfulness up to now, sometimes you have to wait until you are receptive to it. I think today has helped me to do that and now I want to use it as part of my life and learn to be present in-the-moment. Thank you” – Counsellor

“Very useful structure, good mix of talk and practice, really valued a space to reflect on obstacles to practice and finding ways to overcome them” – Senior CBT therapist

“It felt like a treat to have some learning that is helpful for me as well as for clients” – Nurse

"It was a very useful to remind myself of the essence of mindfulness, the fact that it is not meant to make you feel calm, it is about noticing and being, I liked the way you kept reinforcing those messages” - CBT therapist

"Inspiring and thought-provoking. Enjoyable two days. Useful reflections on experiences and applications of using mindfulness with references to literature and evidence base" – Nurse

“I liked Kamila’s enthusiasm, flexibility to adapt to participants’ preferences and a wealth of knowledge in the area. Very well presented” - Clinical Psychologist

“Good combination of theory and practice, the list of resources, books and links and all the tips given for practice between the workshops were especially helpful” - CBT therapist

“Both, the practical tips and teaching element (+ references) were helpful” - Psychiatrist

“It helped me to make a commitment to use mindfulness” - CBT therapist

“It surpassed my expectations, pace and content were well pitched I enjoyed both the practice and discussion” - Senior CBT therapist

“I liked the gentle confrontation. It was fantastic!” - Psychotherapist

“Exercises were good, my understanding of the ‘practice’ has improved enormously” - CBT therapist

“It was very helpful to think specifically about when and how I could use mindfulness and to make a commitment to it” - CBT Therapist

“For me the most useful part was seeing, hearing and working mindfulness” – Nurse

“The balance was very good, thank you for all the resources. I liked small group discussions of clinical experiences” - Occupational Therapist

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