Feedback from workshop participants

“ I have attended several of the Silent Sundays that Kamila runs. They give me a chance to pause, to reconnect with mindfulness and nurture myself. They take place in a peaceful, safe space where it is good to share the experience with others. It always feels very supportive. Thank you Kamila.” - Sally

“Well, that was fun. A good day, and interesting. I appreciated the range of meditations, and it was obvious from the session feedback that different practices resonated individually. For my part, as a fairly experienced mindfulness practioner, I set my intentions to deepen my wisdom and further develop my ethical daily life, and, of course, the day has moved things on a notch. Group participation always brings something extra to our humanity and compassion, I find, so thank you for organising the opportunity. I would be very interested in further sessions, so will keep an eye on your mailshots.” - Robin

“I really enjoyed these workshops and now I am using mindfulness, and being mindful to incorporate it in my daily life”- Counselling Psychologist

“I have been not sure of mindfulness up to now, sometimes you have to wait until you are receptive to it. I think today has helped me to do that and now I want to use it as part of my life and learn to be present in-the-moment. Thank you” – Counsellor

“Very useful structure, good mix of talk and practice, really valued a space to reflect on obstacles to practice and finding ways to overcome them” – Senior CBT therapist

“It felt like a treat to have some learning that is helpful for me as well as for clients” – Nurse

"It was a very useful to remind myself of the essence of mindfulness, the fact that it is not meant to make you feel calm, it is about noticing and being, I liked the way you kept reinforcing those messages” - CBT therapist

"Inspiring and thought-provoking. Enjoyable two days. Useful reflections on experiences and applications of using mindfulness with references to literature and evidence base" – Nurse

“I liked Kamila’s enthusiasm, flexibility to adapt to participants’ preferences and a wealth of knowledge in the area. Very well presented” - Clinical Psychologist

“Good combination of theory and practice, the list of resources, books and links and all the tips given for practice between the workshops were especially helpful” - CBT therapist

“Both, the practical tips and teaching element (+ references) were helpful” - Psychiatrist

“It helped me to make a commitment to use mindfulness” - CBT therapist

“It surpassed my expectations, pace and content were well pitched I enjoyed both the practice and discussion” - Senior CBT therapist

“I liked the gentle confrontation. It was fantastic!” - Psychotherapist

“Exercises were good, my understanding of the ‘practice’ has improved enormously” - CBT therapist

“It was very helpful to think specifically about when and how I could use mindfulness and to make a commitment to it” - CBT Therapist

“For me the most useful part was seeing, hearing and working mindfulness” – Nurse

“The balance was very good, thank you for all the resources. I liked small group discussions of clinical experiences” - Occupational Therapist

Lotus Leaf

About the Retreat with the Soul Workshop ...

“I have never done anything like this workshop before. I can’t stop looking at my soul map now, it is beautiful. There are areas where it’s clear what the pictures mean and areas where I expect the meanings will reveal themselves. My intention to exercise actually came out in soul map with a couple of pictures of runners. Since doing this, my enthusiasm for running has appeared again and I’ve started running (going for the first three days after the workshop). I feel that this soul map is an expression of things that are important to me and looking at it each day helps me to stay connected to that and to make each day count more. The day also included beautifully guided meditation which enabled me to let go of the busyness before starting the process of creating the soul map. I left feeling inspired, relaxed and a bit excited about seeing how the pictures link to things that happen over the next year. If you are thinking about doing the workshop then I’d highly recommend it 🙂 “

"It was a lovely day and I knew from the very minute I arrived that something special was going on. I loved everything that happened during the day and I met many beautiful souls. I was blown away by the impact of the day and the grace with which it was offered to us. I came away feeling excited and clearer than I have been in a very long timex Thank you!"