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Welcome 🙂 if you would like to see an invitation to a recent Facebook event that I co-organised and hear a bit about me please watch this short video.

If you join my private Facebook group Dr K's Wellbeing Space you will have access to 21 meditation practices and other tips on staying well from the point of view of meditation, nutrition, exercise, and practical tips and articles on how you can take care of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

This group is intended as a safe place for you:

•  to share your personal journey with mindfulness and wellness
•  to ask questions
•  to be open about ups & downs - we all have them!
•  to support one another in growth and personal development
•  to cultivate authentic connection
•  and to contribute to creating a community of like-minded and open-hearted people


Please remember to introduce your self upon joining the group.
I look forward to sharing this space with you.

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