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CBT Therapist
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Dr Kamila Hortynska

CBT and Mindfulness in Leeds

Therapy Supervision and Training

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CBT Therapy in Leeds - Kamila Hortynska
About the programme
This course is an adaptation of the MBCT course, initially developed by Segal, Williams and Teasdale in the 1990s to help people suffering with depression reduce relapses of illness. The MBCT for Stress programme consists of 8 weekly 2 hour sessions in a small group of people (10-12 people max.).

All training complies with the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) from the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations.

What is mindfulness ?
Mindfulness simply means non-judgmental, moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations. It develops concentration and the ability to witness the present, as opposed to being caught up in, your thoughts.

What are the benefits of being mindful?
• An ability to cope better with long-term and short- term stress
• Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
• Increased confidence and improved self-esteem
• Greater capacity to cope with pain and difficulty
• A valuable insight into their own inner strength and resources Mindfulness can enable you to see things differently and raises your awareness of your options giving you more strength to face the different challenges in your life.
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Programme dates


Dates for 2019 programmes

Eight week programme


Thursday Evenings

(7.00pm to 9.00pm)

19th Sept to 7th Nov 2019



(10.00am to 12.00pm)

21st Sept to 9th Nov 2019

The cost of the programme


Individual price  £250

(or £220  if booked  

before end July 2019)


Two people booking together £450  (or £400 if booked

before end July 2019)


(Includes handouts, meditation links, individual support between sessions by phone or email, and use of the mindfulness library)


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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy



Please download the booking form

to book a place and for further information. Or please contact me.


Please download and share the workshop poster

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Stress

(MBCT for Stress - Eight week Programme)


Thursday Evenings (7.30pm to 9.30pm)  


Weetwood Lane, LEEDS, LS16 5NZ



7th January  to  25th February 2019