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Feedback from workshop participants ...


I really enjoyed these workshops and now I am using mindfulness, and being mindful to incorporate it in my daily life ”  Counselling Psychologist


I have been not sure of mindfulness up to now, sometimes you have to wait until you are receptive to it. I think today has helped me to do that and now I want to use it as part of my life and learn to be present in the moment. Thank you   – Counsellor


Very useful structure, good mix of talk and practice, really valued a space to reflect on obstacles to practice and finding way to overcome them  – Senior CBT therapist


It felt like a treat to have some learning that is helpful for me as well as for clients  – Nurse


It was a very useful to remind myself of the essence of mindfulness, the fact that it is not meant to make you feel calm, it is about noticing and being, I liked the way you kept reinforcing those messages

- CBT therapist


Inspiring and thought provoking. Enjoyable two days. Useful reflections on experiences and applications of using mindfulness with references to literature and evidence base – Nurse


I liked Kamila’s enthusiasm, flexibility to adapt to participants’ preferences and a wealth of knowledge in the area. Very well presented

Clinical Psychologist


Good combination of theory and practice, the list of resources, books and links and all the tips given for practice between the workshops were especially helpful - CBT therapist





Workshop feedback


“Both, the practical tips and teaching element (+ references) were helpful”   – Psychiatrist


“It helped me to make a commitment to use mindfulness”

 - CBT therapist


“It surpassed my expectations, pace and content were well pitched I enjoyed both the practice and discussion”

 – Senior CBT therapist


“I liked the gentle confrontation. It was fantastic!”  



“Exercises were good, my understanding of the ‘practice’ has improved enormously”

CBT therapist


“It was very helpful to think specifically about when and how I could use mindfulness and to make a commitment to it”  

CBT Therapist


“For me the most useful part was seeing, hearing and working mindfulness” – Nurse


“The balance was very good, thank you for all the resources. I liked small group discussions of clinical experiences”

Occupational Therapist

Comments from previous clients ...


I have started my CBT sessions with Kamila after a series of panic attacks and anxiety. Kamila has helped me to overcome my fear of stress and anxiety through a variety of mindfulness techniques. This has helped me to relax and soften into my body when experiencing anxiety. We also worked together in trying to understand what triggers my stress response and as a result of that, I've started to eat healthier, exercise more often, and spend more time with the loved ones. All these changes had a positive impact on my sleep patterns, personal life, job performance and overall life satisfaction. I cannot express in simple words what a life changing journey I had with Kamila.  - Andre


I started seeing Kamila for help with my anxiety, something which was really affecting my ability to lead an enjoyable and fulfilled life. Her calm and compassionate manner put me at ease straight away, and since the first meeting I have always felt able to speak openly and honestly with her. What came across to me in our meetings was Kamila's belief in what she does, what she teaches. It is not just a job, more something she lives and breathes. That really gave me the confidence to get on board and believe in it too - and in myself. Of course there were ups and downs, times when it seemed harder to put what I learned into practice. But I think this is another aspect where Kamila proved invaluable. Her patience was always so reassuring and I never felt that she would give up on me or tell me it wasn't going to work for me. I'm at a stage now where I can cope with my anxiety, where I control it rather than it controlling me. Of course this has to come within, but what Kamila does so well is to equip you with the tools to do this and the belief in yourself to do it. So keep up the good work!    - Tom


I had previously done an informal 8-week mindfulness course and, as someone prone to anxiety, had already begun to reap the benefits of daily mindfulness practice. But Kamila’s MBCT course really helped me to deepen my practice. Kamila’s professional, but relaxed and warm, approach made me feel very much at ease and encouraged the group to open up and engage in a friendly and non-judgmental environment. A thoroughly insightful and transformative experience that I will certainly repeat in the future.  -  Margaret


I began to see Kamila in June for anxiety, insomnia and low mood following a long period of work-related stress. Initially, I felt quite sceptical that CBT could help me, however each week I noticed small changes in my mood and self esteem through CBT methods that I was taught. I saw Kamila on a weekly basis for approximately 8 weeks, in which she made me feel at ease and comfortable during each session. She taught me how to incorporate mindfulness meditation into my everyday routine in addition to teaching me new positive thinking patterns on a very personalised level. She also gave me nutritional advice, which helped me build myself back up. I would highly recommend CBT sessions with Kamila - one of the best decisions I've made.   - Anne


Mindful CBT has really helped me. It has given me the tools and structure to manage my anxiety and depression. The therapy sessions have given me a safe place to talk things through and face my “demons”. My mind is a bit calmer and clearer now. I have learnt how to let go of old beliefs and values that were harmful to me. I have also learnt how to accept me for who I am and not to beat myself up for the things I cannot change. I could not recommend this form of treatment highly enough.  -  Mick



Initially I had very little faith in mindfulness working for me but persevering with it made me realise that there was something I could do. Using mindfulness makes me feel more in control. Before using mindfulness when I felt low I didn’t think there was anything that would help, now I’m able to deal with low mood without allowing it to spiral out of control. I feel as though I am now actually able to do something that helps rather than allowing my thoughts to control my actions. At first I found mindfulness difficult and it wasn’t until I made it part of my daily routine that I found it much easier. -  Jonathan


I certainly had reservations about counselling, but my faith has been restored. Kamila has given me a first rate service and I would recommend her to anybody who has issues. She was excellent.

-  Elaine