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Dr Kamila Hortynska

CBT and Mindfulness in Leeds

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CBT Therapy in Leeds - Kamila Hortynska

Professional development workshops

Dr Kamila Hortynska


A Clinical Psychologist and CBT therapist specialising in Mindfulness Based Interventions. She has special interest in the use of mindfulness as a method of personal and professional development and has completed research into clinician’s development as mindfulness practitioners.  


All training complies with the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG)  from the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations.

The workshop facilitator



2 days Mindfulness Training for Health Professionals

 Dr Kamila Hortynska

Training venue  in Headingley (near ring road)


New dates to be confirmed

Please note: Participants must have attended Part 1 before attending Part 2.


Who this course is for: This course is for counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists and other health and mental health professionals who are interested in using mindfulness in their clinical work or simply in developing mindfulness practice in their lives. It is suitable for those who are complete novices to mindfulness as well as those who are already familiar with mindfulness practice and would like to establish it more firmly.


Training outcomes:


What will be covered: This training is based on the assumption that it is not possible to effectively use mindfulness in therapeutic work unless a practitioner has their own mindfulness practice.


The programme consists of two experiential and interactive sessions with home practice in between. In the first session Dr Hortynska will help you in establishing or re-starting your own mindfulness practice necessary to authentically use the principles and techniques of mindfulness.


In the second session she will share with you examples from her own clinical practice including real case material and offer some tips on how to introduce mindfulness to clients and how to incorporate it into your clinical sessions.


Dr Hortynska will also share up-to-date research findings on the benefits of mindfulness practice for clinicians and current guidelines and resources for further development.







Workshop Cost



Individual price



(Includes training handouts from both days, resources and practice CD)





To book a place and for further information contact me.


Please download and share the workshop poster